THE ANSP ECOSYSTEM is a community formed by entities that are ANSP users and by other entities and companies that intend to be a part of it. These are primarily educational and research institutions and suppliers of equipments, systems and services for Information Technology and Communications.

THE GOAL is to promote rapprochement and integration among the participants aiming at the mutual knowledge, qualified networking development, exchange of ideas and experiences, dissemination of technological concepts, testing and common interest validation and the possibility of facilitating business development.

THE TOOLS AND ACTIVITIES developed in the ecosystem include, but are not limited to: 

  1.  construction and maintenance of a social networking website, with general information about the Ecosystem and its activities, links to member entities and businesses, blogs and discussion forums;
  2.  creation, maintenance and systematic dissemination of qualified mailing encompassing all the professionals of the constituent entities and businesses;
  3.  hosting open or closed events and thematic meetings;
  4.  planning and execution of tests and validation of systems, equipment, protocols or innovative technologies;
  5.  exchange of experiences;
  6.  targeted dissemination of information on products and services;
  7.  development of technological research in the area of computer networks;
  8.  benchmarks and evaluation of the performance of products and services;
  9. training programs and technological skills instruction.


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